Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting process. You get to pick the exterior color, interior amenities, engine, and safety features you want. While these choices may seem simple, the thought of financing your vehicle can plague some consumers. Here at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai, we strive to take all the stress out of financing a vehicle. Read on to learn more about what's available through our finance center and how our team can help you secure financing for the exact vehicle you want.

Enjoy Convenience With Modern Financing Options

In the past, consumers often found it time-consuming to secure financing for new vehicles. They'd have to visit loan offices, submit paper applications, and seek different quotes to find the best available options. Today, Koons Woodbridge Hyundai commits to making the financing process easier than ever. We offer ample online tools for you to use so you can explore and research your options from the comfort of your home.

Once you've completed your own research on our website, you may want additional in-person help. You can visit our dealership to seek assistance from our in-house team. No need to make an additional trip to a bank or another institution. Our dealership is a one-stop shop where you can secure financing and browse our inventory for your dream vehicle.

Discover Financing Options for New and Used Vehicles

No matter what vehicle you have on your radar, our team at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai has options available to you. We can help you secure financing for a brand-new vehicle, whether it be a spacious SUV or a more modest sedan. We can also help you obtain financing for an older vehicle if you have a more limited budget or want something more economical in the long run.

All vehicle buyers have different goals. You may want to upgrade to a new vehicle that has advanced safety features, better infotainment options, more space, or enhanced performance. Or maybe you want to downsize to a more practical vehicle to save money. Whatever your end goal is, we're here to help you get the financing you need to comfortably afford the vehicle that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Apply for Auto Loans

Here at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai, we help all our customers secure the best possible auto loans. If you're ready to begin the process of seeking approval, you can fill out our finance application. Provide a few basic details about yourself to get started, including your name, email address, phone number, and the application type that you wish to complete. From there, you can provide additional information, such as proof of address and income. 

Upon completion of this application, you will receive pre-approval for an estimated loan amount. While this number won't be exact, it gives you an excellent starting place so you know where you stand and how much you can spend on a car to ensure you remain within your budget.

We provide auto loans to customers with varying financial circumstances, so don't hesitate to apply. We've assisted customers with lower-than-average credit scores, which means you can rest assured that we're committed to helping everyone get the funds they need to make their vehicle purchases.

Explore Leasing Options

While buying a vehicle is the right choice for some customers, this option won't fit everyone's needs. You may not want to purchase a vehicle outright if you enjoy the idea of getting a new car to drive every few years or if you want to lower your repair costs. Leasing is a great option, as it allows you to have a lower monthly premium. Another benefit of leasing is that when it comes time to get a new car, you don't have to worry about reselling your current vehicle.

Here at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai, we can discuss leasing options with you. We have both new and used vehicles available to lease, allowing you to find one that suits your preferences. We'll give you a fair leasing offer and set up a lease period depending on how long you want your lease to be, whether that be 12 months, 72 months, or somewhere in between.

If you currently already have a lease and would like to end it early, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll talk through your options with you so you can make the most financially sound decision for your circumstances.

Use Our Car Loan Calculator

Using our car loan calculator can help you better understand what your monthly payments might be. When you visit our webpage for the car loan calculator, you can enter a few key details about your prospective loan. Start by entering the price of the vehicle you're interested in and your anticipated down payment. Then, you can input the estimated financing rate as a percentage and the desired term length. When you finish entering all this data, the calculator will yield an estimated monthly payment.

To the right of this calculator, you'll see a bar graph. This bar graph depicts other payment options for different loan periods. Studying this bar graph can help you better compare your options for different loan periods.

For example, consider you want to buy a $30,000 car and can provide a down payment of $5,000. If you secure a financing rate of 6.63% and want a loan period of 72 months, your estimated payment is $422 per month. By looking at the bar graph, you can see how much your monthly payment goes up if you were to opt for a shorter loan period.

Value Your Vehicle Trade

If you want to trade in your current vehicle, you can use our trade-in value tool to discover how much it's worth. Once you provide information like your vehicle's type, model, current mileage, and condition, you can get a cash estimate. You may take the cash or apply it to a new vehicle purchase so you can lower your monthly premium.

Whether you're just beginning your research for auto loans or are ready to sign for one, contact our team at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai for assistance.


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