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    Woodbridge, VA 22191

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1880 Opitz Blvd
Location Woodbridge, VA 22191

  • Sales: (703) 490-8170
  • Service: (703) 490-8170
  • Parts: (703) 490-8170

Available Services

A/C Services

Air Filtration Services

Brake Services

Certified Collision Repair

Charge, Star, and Battery Services

Drivetrain Services

Electrical System Services

Engine Cooling System Services

Engine Services

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Fuel System Services

Manufacturer Recall Services

Oil & Filter Change

State Inspections

Tire Services & Replacement

Transmission Services

Wheel Alignment Services

Windshield Services

Koons Service Center is Your Fairfax, VA Expert Auto Repair Center

When considering which service center to choose for your Alexandria, VA auto repair, you'll want to find a place that can handle all of your needs so you only have to make one trip. At the Koons Service Center in Woodbridge, we offer a diverse range of auto repair services and maintenance items so we can truly take care of any automotive service issue you might have. Schedule your service appointment online, and your Washington, DC auto repair facility will be ready and waiting to get your vehicle back to tip-top shape.

Oil Change Service

Perhaps the most important service for the longevity of your vehicle. Our oil change service gives Chantilly drivers a leg up on keeping your vehicle on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles. Because your engine is the heart of your vehicle, ensuring that all of its fast-moving metal parts are properly protected and lubricated is critical to the life of your vehicle as a whole. Fresh oil and a clean filter will ensure that your engine stays well lubricated and free of harmful debris that can gunk up critical passageways and cause major long-term issues inside your engine. With regular oil changes at our Woodbridge service center, you should have no trouble keeping your vehicle on the road for years to come.

Brake Service

The next most important item on your vehicle is your brakes, and these are number one when it comes to safety. Your brakes go through a lot when slowing your vehicle down, as both heat and friction cause your pads and rotors to wear over time. Ensuring your brake pads are changed regularly is important to maintaining the overall health of your braking system, as driving on "grinding" brakes will cause damage to the rotor and potentially other parts if left unchecked for long enough. You always want the ability to stop on command, regular brake checkups and service at our dealership are the key to making that happen.

Shocks and Struts

Let's face it. The roads in our area aren't the best, especially after the harsh weather of winter and spring. When you're not dealing with jarring potholes in the city you have to deal with seams on highways and bridges that are annoying a best and punishing at worst. Helping you manage all of those impacts are your shocks and struts, but even these will wear out and eventually lose their ability to absorb bumps. When this happens not only will you have an uncomfortable ride, but your tires can easily lose contact with the road when going over bumps, which can cause you to lose control. If you feel your car isn't riding quite like it should, don't hesitate to visit our service center from Chantilly to have your shocks and struts inspected today!

Battery Service

When you start your engine every day, your battery is what provides the initial power to get everything moving. Of course, the second your engine doesn't start you'll realize that it's been a long time since your battery has been tested, but by then it's too late. Instead of that, have your battery tested at each oil change to ensure it can still provide adequate power. When we notice that voltage drop, we can easily replace your old battery for a new one from our in-house parts center and get you back on the road with confidence.

Tire Services

Your tires are what tie your whole driving experience together, so making sure that your tires are in good shape is the key to both the performance and safety of your ride. With worn tires, things like wet roads can go from an annoyance to a hazard in a hurry, and even a simple pothole can go from an uncomfortable bump to a blown tire and hours wasted waiting for a tow. Instead of dealing with these issues, have your tires rotated regularly, ensure your alignment is in check, and that your tires themselves are in good shape at our Woodbridge tire center. Our vast selection of new tires makes it easy to find a good set at a great price when you need them as well.

Visit Our Service Center Today!

With all of these services and more, is there really anywhere else that can take care of your vehicle the way that Koons Service Center can? Schedule your appointment and see how we make taking care of your vehicle easier than ever!