Hyundai car engines are a marvel of modern engineering with a variety of systems working in time with each other like the gears of a clock. The pistons turn in a set pattern to create heat and cause the spark plugs to fire off compressed gasoline in order to make the car move forward. Engine oil keeps the pistons and other moving parts of the car lubricated so the parts can maintain their tolerances over time and miles. The battery powers the electrical system which also generates the spark in the spark plugs. 

All of this happens in a cyclical pattern to power your Hyundai and make it roll forward or backward on tires designed for traction and minimal resistance. Regular service is necessary in order to keep your Hyundai working the way it should. At Koons Woodbridge Hyundai, our service department is staffed by Hyundai-trained technicians who are ready to treat your car right and give it the service it needs. Check out our website's service center page for a coupon to help you save on services. Meanwhile, here's a look at what you can expect at our service center:

Routine Services to Keep Your Hyundai Running Right

Your Hyundai requires regular and routine services to keep the engine running as it should. That means bringing it in for an oil change on schedule and having other fluid levels checked. It's true that you can go just about anywhere to get your oil changed, but oil change shops don't go further than putting the correct oil weight and replacing the old oil filter with a new one that meets OEM standards. Bringing your Hyundai to Koons Woodbridge Hyundai for regular maintenance gives you access to technicians who are trained in all things Hyundai. They do more than change the oil In your car. Our technicians are trained to look for problems, identify how serious it is if they do find one, and advise you on the need to get it fixed.

Full Inspection of Your Hyundai's Engine

At Koons Woodbridge Hyundai, we offer a service called the Pit-Stop Special. The service includes:

  • Oil and oil filter change.
  • Tire rotation.
  • Multi-point inspection.
  • Battery test.
  • Brake inspection.
  • Tire inspection.
  • Filter inspection.
  • Coolant inspection.
  • Fluid inspection.

This service provides complete coverage of your Hyundai and goes beyond the traditional checks of an oil change. Our technicians look into areas of your car that aren't usually checked during an oil change and determine how well your car is operating. We also supply a high-quality engine supplement and fuel system drier to extend the life of your car's fluids and help it run efficiently. The service helps you understand the current condition of your car and what repairs might be needed in the future. Plus, a well-maintained car is just more fun to drive.

Battery and Alternator Check

Batteries die at the worst possible moment. A typical car battery lasts anywhere from three to five years, but they don't give you much warning when they're about to lose their ability to hold a charge. A failing alternator can also play a role in how well your battery works, and it, too, won't give you much of an indication that there's something wrong. About the only thing you can do to get ahead of either of these issues is be aware of the battery gauge on the dashboard and the average charge. Meanwhile, come to Koons Woodbridge Hyundai to get your battery checked by our technicians.

Having our technicians run a battery test and alternator diagnostic on your car helps you keep on top of the condition of your battery and alternator. You'll know if you have a problem with either part and if it's time to have them replaced. That way, you won't get stranded when you least expect it. 

Get Your Brakes Checked

Your Hyundai's brakes are what keep you out of trouble, but they're also subject to wear and tear with use. Our technicians can check the condition of your brakes and let you know if and when they need replacing. It's advantageous to you and your Hyundai to get your brakes checked on a regular basis. That way, you prevent wearing your brake pads down to the metal, you keep ahead of problems with the brake calipers, and you won't run the risk of uneven wear on your rotors. Keeping your rotors wearing evenly helps them last for the entirety of the life they were designed for, and saves you money. 

Find Out if It's Time for New Tires

Tires keep your Hyundai on the road and make sure the car goes in the direction that you steer. Tread patterns provide the all-important traction that's needed when the weather is wet and the roads are slick. If you live in an area of Virginia that sees snow in the winter, the condition of your tires is very important so you can navigate snowy conditions. When your tires start wearing, it's time to get new ones. Here's what you should look for when it's time to get new tires.

Most of the time, you don't notice how well your tires are performing because they're designed to last for tens of thousands of miles. The treads on your tires are prone to wearing down, and weather conditions can affect the level of air in your tires. Take a penny and position it so the head of Lincoln is pointed at the tire between the shallowest grooves you can find. Put the penny against the tire, head down, and look to see how much of Lincoln's head you can see. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, it's time to come see us at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai for new tires. 

Call or come see us today at the service department at Koons Hyundai in Woodbridge, VA. Our technicians are here to help you keep your car in top running condition so you can drive to wherever you're going with confidence. 

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