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Your car's tires aren't the cheapest to replace, so you'll be glad you saved money by ensuring proper maintenance over the years. Proper service checkups can also help maintain tire integrity, which keeps you and your passengers safer on the road. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your tires and any info on corresponding specials you might find at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai. When you need any kind of tire care for your vehicle, remember to book an appointment with our professional Hyundai service center.

Tread Inspection and Tire Installation

The treads are a crucial component of your tires, helping your car maintain traction, stop, turn, and accelerate properly. Once a tire's treads are too low, it needs replacement. However, changing only one tire is typically not a good idea since you'll be stuck swapping out an odd number repeatedly. To avoid changing tires more frequently than you have to, remember to make an effort to balance out tire tread loss. Like all tire care, this will help protect your passengers, other drivers, and you.

You can tell if your treads are too low by checking whether their depth is at least 1/16 of an inch. The most common test is to take a penny and see if the top of Lincoln's head is exposed when pointing it down and placing it into the treads. If it is, it means the treads are worn too thin and need a replacement immediately. We recommend visiting our service center when tire treads are reduced to about 3/16 of an inch or more so that whatever caused the wear can be addressed and fixed.

Get Your Tires Rotated

For those unfamiliar with tire rotation, it simply means transferring your car's tires from one wheel to another. This balances out the stresses put on each tire over its lifetime. Over time, tire rotation becomes another critical part of automotive maintenance, and getting your Hyundai tires rotated can help you maximize their effective lifespan and tread health. This enables you to save on ownership expenses and helps your car run and perform at its best.

In front-wheel-drive (FWD) vehicles, the front axle transmits engine power to the front wheels, where most weight usually lies. Compared to rear-wheel-drive (RWD), all-wheel-drive (AWD), or four-wheel-drive vehicles, FWD cars' front wheels deteriorate sooner. By contrast, an RWD vehicle will understandably wear down the tires in the back sooner than the front. Because of the increased stress from turning on the wheels, swapping the rear driver-side tire with the front passenger-side wheel and the rear passenger-side tire with the front driver-side wheel is common.

You might have a couple of worthwhile rotation methods available to you. Aside from cargo-focused vehicles like trucks and cars, most vehicles bear the majority of their weight up front from the driver, front passenger, and the engine. It's common for many vehicles to need their front tires rotated with the rear, but some AWD cars might rotate them in a clockwise or counter-clockwise sequence.

You can expect most cars to require a tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, and AWD vehicles may need rotation every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Your owner's manual will contain more specific advice. If you are unsure where to move your tires during a tire rotation, or if you even need one soon, consult a professional who knows your brand. Our team at Koons Woodbridge Hyundai would be happy to explain the options for your car.

Book Hyundai Tire Service in Washington, D.C.

Adhering to your tire maintenance schedule involves a couple of relatively infrequent tasks, like rotations, fill-ups, and wheel alignment. Although those who drive vehicles under heavier demand than normal, such as sports cars or heavy-duty work trucks, may need professional tire services under a more frequent schedule, Koons Woodbridge Hyundai is always here to make things easier.

One of our friendly technicians can help explain your options and create a schedule for your next tire rotation, alignment, and replacement. We even make it easy to finance repairs after an accident or unexpected damage to your car. Don't let your vehicle run in a suboptimal condition when proper maintenance, service, and repairs are available at a low monthly cost.

Remember Koons Woodbridge Hyundai for all your automotive needs, including service for other makes besides Hyundai. Our parts department can help you get what you need if you can handle a task on your own, and we're also the best place in Washington, D.C, and Alexandria, Virginia, to buy or lease a new Hyundai. Check out our various new and pre-owned cars on sale and don't forget to see if our finance center can get you a better loan than the other guys.

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